Teeth Straightening in Portland

Are your teeth crooked or crowded? Do you ever dreamt of a straighter, confident smile? Get that stunning smile you have been dreaming for without wearing traditional metal braces! Columbia River Dentistry in Portland, OR proudly offers patients Invisalign and ClearCorrect aligners. Our dentists will determine if you’re a suitable candidate for these treatments and provide a customized plan to achieve optimal results.


Invisalign is a brand of clear aligners, which are snug-fitting retainers that are custom made to slip over the teeth and gently straighten them over time. The treatment may last from 2 to 24 months, depending on your condition of your teeth and how they react to the aligners.

ClearCorrect Aligners

Similar to Invisalign, ClearCorrect Aligners is a clear aligner system used to straighten teeth as an alternative to traditional braces. ClearCorrect straightens teeth using a series of clear, custom-made, removable aligners that gradually move teeth a little bit at a time, eventually correcting the teeth and smile to elicit a new, revitalized look. Treatment time can vary from one to two years, depending upon your specific condition and degree of misalignment.

Wear your aligners throughout the day, removing them to eat and brush and floss your teeth. Depending on which brand of aligner you use, our dentist will supply you with the next set of aligners every two to six weeks. This will allow your teeth to continue to move towards their desired positions.

What are the Benefits?

Both aligners have many advantages:

  • Nearly Invisible
    • They are made from clear plastic, therefore most people will not even realize that you are straightening your smile.
  • Easily Removable
    • You can easily remove your aligners when you eat, brush and floss.
  • Bracket-Free
    • Say good-bye to getting food stuck in your brackets; you can continue to eat all of your favorite foods.

Pictures of Before and Afters

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