Reviews in Portland

If you would like to know what our patients are saying about Columbia River Dentistry, please read our reviews. It is easy to see why our patients are loyal to our dentist and team. We encourage you to contact our dental office in Portland, OR, today to learn more about us and to schedule your next appointment.

Bill – I am so happy

I chose Dr.Dustin for my dentist after visiting several other dental offices. I chose Dr. Dustin because of his professionalism, passion for his field, and his attention to detail. I continue to go to this office not only for him now. I also go because of his attentive, friendly staff.

I am so happy and proud of the large amount of work Dr. Dustin has done for me. He always greets me by first name as though we were friends and he always treats me with respect as though I was a peer. Debbie is incredible she is always, professional, accurate and friendly. I feel as though I have known her for years. I now look forward to my dental visits.

Philip – Outstanding work

I have an enormous amount of respect for Dr. Dustin because he keeps his promises.


He does what he says, and he acts with integrity. I was nervous about my treatment plan because it was a lot of work to have done (four implants and a new denture), but I was reassured it would turn out to my satisfaction. As someone who has very high standards, I was very satisfied, and I appreciate the quality work performed by Dr. Dustin. In addition, I really enjoy Dr .Dustin’s team. Everyone is kind and helpful. I have a lot of fun when I come in for my appointments. It’s like catching up with old friends. Everyone is wonderful, and I really appreciate the compassionate care I received a Columbia River Dentistry. Keep up the outstanding work!


Gary – Found the right Dentist

The need to find a “new dentist” presents a variety of challenges. I wanted, foremost to have a new dentist who would address not only my dental needs but with whom I would feel a sense of trust and lack of anxiety. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Dustin telling me that his experience with him had been very positive, pain free and his staff treated him with a sense of both friendliness and flexibility. I have found all of these qualities to be true. I am not a big fan of the sometimes discomfort procedures of extractions and fillings but my recent experience with Dr. Dustin has eliminated any of these concerns. The cost of work had been affordable and his staff has made extended efforts to make me feel comfortable and very much like an individual. Sincerely, Gary


Christy – PLEASED

I trust Dr. Dustin thoroughly. Outside of my routine cleanings, he has taken care of an implant, ,which replaced a baby tooth that did not have a permanent tooth below, and a retreat of a root canal, that was done incorrectly by an endodontic years ago. Both are not fun to go through. However, I was treated very well, and it was apparent that my comfort was important to him and his staff, which I am very appreciative of. I am very pleased with the end results and will continue to trust Dr. Dustin with my dental needs. Thank you, Christy



Amber – I actually like going to the Dentist

I have been with Parkrose Dental Studio for more than 7 years. Dr Dustin has always provided high quality care, using an easy to understand dental plan. He got my mouth in beautiful shape in time for my wedding and the pictures prove it. The facility almost feels like a spa, it is beautiful and calming, which helps me relax during my visit. Caren is a fantastic Dental Hygienist. It is obvious she enjoys her job and is great at what she does. A highlight of my visit is being greeted by the ever-friendly Debbie, who always has a smile on her face. Overall it is the best “dental relationship” I have ever had. I not only appreciate the quality care and excellent staff, but the effort you put into customer satisfaction is great. It puts your studio leaps above other dental facilities. The text and email reminders , clearly laid out dental plans and nice facilities – all add up to great Customer Care and keep me coming back. Thank you Parkrose Dental Studio.


Pat – The BEST

To say that I am pleased is truly an understatement. Actually, I am ecstatic. Just because a person is aging doesn’t mean we can’t have a nice smile and pretty teeth. The attention to detail, comfort and understanding of the patient is really to say that I am pleased is truly an understatement. Actually, I am ecstatic. Just because a person is aging doesn’t mean we can’t have a nice smile and pretty teeth. The attention to detail, comfort and understanding of the patient is really THE BEST. Dr Dustin’s dentistry sure makes me feel wonderful because I get lots of compliments on my smile THE BEST. Dr Dustin’s dentistry sure makes me feel wonderful because I get lots of compliments on my smile.


Brian – After 18 years I finally made it to the dentist.

It has been 18 years since my last appointment by a different dentist. I had a terrible experience and never returned because of that and my job as a professional driver. I went to Dr. Dustin with some apprehension because of the condition of my teeth. I was treated with the upmost of care and had all of my options explained to me very clearly. This by far is the best dentist I have ever been to, and would recommend Dr. Dustin to anyone looking for a dentist. The entire staff is absolutely terrific as well. To date I’ve had pain free visits and will continue to praise them for their professionalism. Keep up the good work!


Sear – Hollywood Smile

All I ever wanted was a ‘Hollywood smile’. After seeing several dentist and paying thousands of dollars, I was still embarrassed of my teeth and was ashamed of my smile. Then I met Dr. Dustin. Dr. Dustin not only understood what my expectations of what a ‘Hollywood smile’ were, but he exceeded them by giving me an amazing smile that beats out most of Hollywood. I now have the beautiful teeth I’ve always dreamed of and I can’t thank Dr. Dustin enough, I am no longer ashamed of my smile or embarrassed of my teeth. For the first time in my life, I had someone come up to me and tell me what a beautiful smile I had. Dr. Dustin is a miracle worker and his staff is wonderful. Meeting Dr. Dustin, and his staff, has truly changed my life!



I have every confidence in this highly professional and experienced team. I could not be more pleased with the extensive bridge and crown replacement work done by Dr Dustin and team.









Having worked 15 years in the dental industry makes me far more skeptical of dental offices than most folks. I have very high expectations of how patients should be treated – not just by the doctor, but by every member of the staff. Our family dentist retired 2 years ago, and we were referred to another dentist in East County…we went to a couple cleaning appointments, but didn’t get a “warm fuzzy” feeling…did I mention my high expectations? After lamenting to some friends about our less than desirable experience, they highly recommended Parkrose Dental Studio. From the first phone contact, I have been so impressed with Dr. Dustin and his practice! Every member I have encountered so far, has been warm, friendly and professional. They handled the transferring of our records from our previous dentist, contacted our insurance company to verify our family’s available benefits, and just made us feel so welcomed. The office is clean, inviting, and has a “homey” feel to it. My almost 12 year old son left his initial visit smiling. He made a point to tell me on our way home how nice everyone was, and that he liked Dr. Dustin, and was actually looking forward to his next visit! What?? Anyone with pre-teens knows what kind of compliment that is! This staff is amazing, and Dr. Dustin is knowledgeable, kind, and put me at ease on the first visit. If you are in the market for a new dental home…this one is like the lead home on the Street of Dreams of dental practices! You won’t be disappointed.


Penny – “Caring”

As always, the staff at Parkrose Dental Studio welcomes you with warmth and a caring approach. I always feel that I am getting the greatest care with room r my own personal input. Everyone is very professional.

Judy – I’m not the easiest patient.

I’m challenging by being very sensitive to work on but even so…Dr. D was very understanding and patient with me. Dr. D is a knowledgeable dentist and an artist of his craft. My cleaning went very well also and Debbie manages the front desk with warmth and professionalism. I truly dislike going to the dentist yet this dentist office experience made it easier and willing to come back.

Stacy – Parkrose Dental Studio Rocks!

I lost a crown on a Sunday and I called them 1st thing on a Monday to see if they could get me in and fix it. Well by 8:30am I was at their office and not only did they fix my crown but they filled the cavity that I had been putting off getting filled because I couldn’t find time in my schedule. Parkrose is always there when you need them!

Melody – Positive experience.

Switched to Dr. Dustin about 6 months ago and have been very happy with the change. Really like the state of the art equipment he uses so that all information is visible each time you visit. Had a crown replaced and loved watching how the one day process worked; such a difference from my prior dentist which required the usual week to make the impression, have a temporary crown put on then hoping that the actual crown fit when you went back. All in all, am glad I made the change.

Sula – Crown and filling

I want to say that Dr. Dustin did an excellent job on my crown. I am here at work and it feels like I didn’t have any work done because it’s pain free and finally feels good to not have my tongue touching the chip tooth. Thank you again.

Tom – Love going to the dentist.

I used to intensely dislike going to the dentist. Poor form on my part certainly being part of the case. After starting to go to Dr. Dustin’s, I have learned proper technique for keeping my teeth clean & no longer cringe when my appointment reminder pops up in my email. Great service, great people.

Jennifer – Amazing!

Everyone at Parkrose Dental Studio was so wonderful and friendly! I really felt at home being there. I have never had such a great experience at the dentist. I will definitely be returning.


It has been way too long since I’d been to the dentist. I had extensive tissue grafting done, not fun but made a very positive experience through the help and support of the staff , not to mention the beautiful successful end result. Dr. Dustin and his team are the best.